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1 chest 1 cup FOLLOW UP! One year post large abscess on chest drainage. Patient doing great!
This is my 5th most watched video and it really shined a light on the complexities of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa diagnosis. I have not seen her in a year but she has been doing great. There are many different treatment options with this condition, it is a chronic condition. We do not cure this, our goal is to control it as best we can. I will go into more depth on this condition coming soon this year on a Pop Talk video (stay tuned). I did not mess with her blackheads in that area because of the amount of scar tissue and sinus tracts underneath, even mild pressure could turn into a balloon like abscess like she had before. Thanks to her for being brave enough to let us share her videos. It’s a sensitive area and I’m so glad she has been stable for so long. Abscess incision and drainage. Sternal abscess. MrPopZit.

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