8 effective solutions to make pimples on the back disappear

Pimples on the back are difficult to cure, so you should start by avoiding their coming.

Pimples on the back are difficult to cure, so you should start by avoiding their coming. Our grandmothers have given us infallible tricks to make them disappear and allow a better healing of the skin. Find also the recipe to prepare your lotion in spray, and fight effectively against the buttons in the back.

Pimple On The Back

How to avoid buttons in the back

Let’s start, as we often do, with prevention before cure, thanks to a few simple rules designed to avoid pimples on the back.

  • Do not pierce the pimples

You risk scarring and infecting other healthy parts of the back.

  • Use alcohol-free soaps

You have the choice, because there are many products on sale in pharmacies or supermarkets: Aleppo soap, dermatological, with a neutral pH, alcohol-free, etc.

  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes

Especially when it is hot, prefer clothes that do not stick to the skin with sweat and avoid synthetic clothes that do not let the epidermis breathe.

  • Avoiding allergenic detergents

If you are very sensitive, you may even consider making your homemade laundry detergent from natural products.

Grandma’s tricks to remove and heal your pimples in the back

Our grandmothers knew a lot about pimples, and they left us a great legacy of tips based on simple and cheap products.

1. Bicarbonate of sodium

Form a slightly thick paste by mixing water and baking soda, then apply to pimples with a cotton ball or pad. Then rinse the area with clean water.

2. Vinegar of cider

Warty Cider Vinegar

Adding a few drops of cider vinegar to bath water promotes healthy skin and limits the risk of infections. Cider vinegar restores a neutral pH of the water and takes care of the skin.

3. The water sea water

A sea bath is recommended for people who suffer from back acne. After bathing, dry naturally instead of using a towel. However, be careful not to expose yourself to the sun for too long, as it may aggravate your back pimples.

4. Extract of rose

Rose water is frequently used in cosmetics, because it is beneficial for the skin. So you can use it to clean your pimples on the back.

5. Green clay

Green Clay

Take green clay ointment or make your own mixture from green clay powder and water. Apply a layer of a few millimeters on the infected area after washing it with a neutral soap. After fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water. You can dry your back using a hair dryer, which is less aggressive to the skin than a towel.

6. Gel of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent healing agent, so you can use it on back pimples to moisturize the skin and get rid of acne.

7. Turnip

Put a turnip in the oven and take it out while it is still tender inside. Cut it down the middle and squeeze out the juice. Then run this solution over the buttons on the back.

8. Homemade lotions to use quickly

Here are 3 lotions that you can prepare in a flash and keep for up to 24 hours.

Blanch a cucumber after peeling it in a pot of water and strain the liquid, then pour it into a container to cool before use.

Make a lotion with 1 third orange juice, 1 third rose water and 1 third mineral water and apply to the pimples on the back 1 to 3 times a day.

Add 20 mint leaves to a pot of mineral water (1/2 l) brought to a boil. After infusing, strain to keep only the liquid, then when the solution has cooled, pour in 5 teaspoons of powdered milk and stir to bind.

The special spray to mercilessly eliminate pimples on the back

Here’s a grandma’s recipe, as it has long since proven itself by combining the main ingredients mentioned above:

  • Filtered water: 250 ml
  • Cider vinegar: 30 ml
  • Lemon juice : 15 ml
  • Sea salt : 6 g
  • Aspirin: 4 tablets
  • Essential oils: 10 drops of tea tree and the equivalent of lavender

Bring the water to a simmer and put the salt and aspirin to dissolve. Let it cool, then add the vinegar, lemon and essential oils. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and apply it every day if you have pimples on your back. Remember to shake before use and place it in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life, which is about 1 month.

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