8 natural tips to relieve puffy eyes and tired eyes

Discover natural tips to relieve puffy and tired eyes, with everyday products: simple advice to end dark circles and bags under the eyes!

Discover natural tips to relieve puffy and tired eyes, with everyday products: simple advice to end dark circles and bags under the eyes!

The swollen, tired, dark circles eyes we all know. An evening too drunk, a lack of sleep, too often in front of the computer screen and it is the catastrophe. Organs fragile and sensitive parts of the human body, the eyes must be treated with care and caution. This is why it is preferable to take care of them and to find a fresh look using natural, non-aggressive methods.

Simple and natural tips to relieve swollen eyes

Particularly fragile, the areas surrounding the eyes are also the most solicitedWith approximately 10,000 blinks per day, to ensure proper hydration of the cornea. Thus, the eye contour is more quickly marked by fatigue.

Remedy for dark circles in the eyes

The eye contour is a very sensitive area, where signs of fatigue are easily seen.

Add to this the fact that the skin around the eyes is on average 3 to 5 times thinner than the rest of the face and particularly poor in collagen, elastin and fat cells, and it’s not surprising that the first signs of aging appear here!

Here are some tips that also prove that by opting for simple tips and natural, we also save time and money.


For tired eyes, we use vegetables: the essential cucumber

This is a very well-known tip, but it is no less effective: among the foods that pamper our eyes, the famous slices of cucumber on the eyelids : 15 minutes on the eyes, then rinse with cold water.

swollen eyes

cucumber cosmetic beauty product home recipe natural ingredients
The cucumber decongestant trick is still as effective as ever.

Of course, prefer a organic cucumber to avoid eye contact with pesticide residues.


Quince, an alternative to cucumber for the eyes

You can also apply slices of quince on the eyelids for 15 minutes to decongest them.

swollen eyes

Quince is good in jam… and for the eyes.

The quince has an astringent flesh that is good for the delicate skin of eye area.


Reuse your tea bags as eye compresses

After drinking your tea, place the tea bags in the freezer. In the morning, apply them to the eyelids or under the eyes for three to four minutes.

puffy eyes

Tea to relieve puffy eyes.

The cold and the plants contained in the tea allow to soothe the swollen eyes.


The Qi gong for the eyes

There is a self-healing technique called Qi gong, which allows to rest tired eyes. Thanks to exercises of mobilization of the eyes, Qi gong stimulates, among other things, the circulation of energy and blood in the eyes and orbits.

This method, developed by a Chinese doctor, can even successfully treat several eye diseases such as cataracts, myopia and strabismus.


Milk on swollen eyes

Can’t stand the bags under your eyes? Apply a compress of semi-skimmed milk for 10 minutes on each eye.

tired eyes

Think of milk to relieve tired eyes.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and hello to bright eyes!


A touch of freshness

A very simple tip: every morning, for a fresh look. Wash your face with cold water.

swollen eyes

Cold water source of beauty and well-being.

Or if cold water is not your friend, slide a ice cube (wrapped in a thin handkerchief) on your face, focusing on any puffiness every morning. Firm skin guaranteed!


Soothing cornflower water for the eyes

Thanks to its refreshing and soothing propertiesblueberry water is very often used for the care of the eyes, in particular in the event of irritation. Soak two cotton pads with organic cornflower water, put them on your eyes and lie down for 15 minutes. Cornflower calms the dark circles in the eyes and gives a calmer look.

tired eyes

Cornflower water is perfect for relieving tired eyes!

If you don’t have time, you can also apply organic cornflower water as a compress on your eyelids for two to three minutes.


Raw potatoes

To reduce dark circles, apply thin slices of raw potato for 15 minutes on your eyes.

swollen eyes

Potatoes to get rid of dark circles © kitzzeh

The potato has indeed water in quantity that will moisturize the skin around the eyes.

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