A Dr. Pimple Popper Bedtime Story – The Best Pops To Fall Asleep To – TRAILER

Looking for your PIMPLE POPPING LULLABY? I know that so many of you love to watch my videos as a way to calm your nerves …

What do you think?

Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Why? Literally you had no reason to do this. You are making TONS of money. You’ve been famous since your first appearance on television.
    I use your videos to help me fall asleep. I have severe anxiety and ptsd and your videos help me calm my mind so I can sleep without the ongoing thoughts and flashbacks. I’m disappointed and now I’m not sure what to do. Your videos relaxed me like no other. You’re losing fans as well as respect for you. Please make the right choice here. Money is great, but do you no longer care about the people that put you up to the top in the first place? Millions of views and subscribers yet you decide to throw all that away for possible money, and even then 98% of your subscribers can’t/won’t pay. There isn’t even an option to pay on the video!
    TLDR; I’m disappointed. If anyone sees this please recommend new pimple popping accounts.

  2. Very disappointed, I have been a subscriber for a long time but definitely won't be paying to watch content when we pay to watch her show on TV. Perhaps Dr. Sandra Lee could explain why this has happened? I can't imagine any of her fans being happy about this. I also doubt that there would be a TV show without us fans having watched her YouTube channel over the years. I don't believe that she charges for the patients who appear on the channel and I imagine the show would be the same and that TLC would cover all costs involved. Perhaps this is a condition imposed by YouTube or TLC. She has always appeared to be a very caring person who is genuinely concerned about and interested in her patients. I think people would like an explanation.

  3. Sickening. Totally, lost my respect. Milking your subscribers for $$$ 💵💵. The same people that brought you success & helped grow your branding. "Dr. Pimple Popper" Your YouTube Success prompted your own TV Show & now you want to cash in even more? Plus, your Skin Care line. Books that your writing & other products with your brand name. That is extremely low & greedy. I thought you were better than that. Shame on you.

  4. You obviously don't get it. You have no idea how this thing called YouTube works… Why would I pay to watch the same boring pops over and over again. Part of the fun of being part of the popaholic community is finding new content… Smfh… I don't predict you having a long run on YouTube.

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