Adult acne: how to treat it?

At the age when some wrinkles appear or when they are already well established, large red pimples may appear on the face.

At the age when some wrinkles appear or when they are already well established, large red pimples may appear on the face. Fortunately, treatments today are effective, as long as you are patient and follow medical prescriptions carefully.


“Studies show that adult female acne now affects one in two women to varying degrees,” explains dermatologist Nina Roos. Although these data refer to women between the ages of 25 and 40, in my study I also see women 45 and older who are affected by pimples and wrinkles,” the expert continues. However, the main concern remains acne, so they want to get rid of pimples before dealing with wrinkles.”


What are those buttons?

It is inflammatory acne, located in the lower part of the face. “It is the area from the beard to the neck, says the dermatologist. A premenopausal periodThe sudden appearance of pimples is not uncommon: cycles shorten and androgens (male hormones) become more prominent, promoting an intensification of acne.” Many factors come into play: besides hormones, contraception (Mirena IUD and second-generation pill), stress, pollution, makeup if too occlusive, and smoking. Endocrine disruptors and an unbalanced diet can also affect it. To limit acne, processed industrial foods with a high glycemic index and cow’s milk should be avoided.

How to take care of your skin on a daily basis?

  • It is important to clean it without attacking it, morning and evening, with products that respect its pH, to protect the skin barrier and maintain the hydrolipid film.
  • If the skin tolerates it, clean it with a foaming gel. This is the most effective way to remove all traces of pollution and dirt.
  • If the skin is too sensitive, It is best to use a milk or micellar water. Rinse with a mist of thermal water. Once or twice a week a mask with red clay or charcoal can be used to brighten the skin.
  • To treat the skin, if the problem consists of a few spots and in the absence of a consultation, 2-in-1 skin care products for adults can be used: they are suitable for more sensitive skin.

How to treat pimples and wrinkles?

The dermatologist treats acne immediately with classic medical treatment (local, antibiotic therapy, isotretinoin…). In general, the skin is less oily than in adolescence, it is more fragile, the doctor must modulate the treatment and adapt it to the patient. Listening is very important and the treatment should be decided according to the severity of the acne and the patient’s demands.

  • With local treatment, both anti-acne and anti-wrinkle, as a vitamin A acid cream, available by prescription only. Irritating and drying, it is very effective on both skin problems, but must be used under dermatological supervision.
  • Lighter : “We can suggest an anti-acne treatment, to be applied in the morning, combined with a hyaluronic acid cream for the evening. The important thing is not to combine two skin-irritating products: no retinol or fruit acids, for example.
  • Another solution: you can treat pimples for 3 to 4 months, then treat wrinkles with known active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, retinol, retinaldehyde, fruit acids, vitamin C, etc.).
  • For women in their 30s for those with fair skin, the treatment can be adapted to act preventively on wrinkles and at the same time eliminate pimples.

How long will it last?

“It is a long treatment, lasting between 6 to 12 months to suppress lesions and curb flare-ups. So you have to be diligent and hopeful, says Dr. Roos. Thereafter, the basic wrinkle treatment will be maintained while the acne stabilizes.

A few pimples may still appear, most often due to overeating (Christmas, Easter…), stress or fatigue.

Is it possible to prevent pimples from appearing?

“Yes, although recurrences are frequent, explains the dermatologist. The right reflex is to decipher the warning signs of an outbreak (the skin becomes oilier, more sensitive, a few spots appear…) and to always have at hand a treatment to stem its progression. ) and to always have at hand a treatment to stem its progression. It is also possible, in a period of intense stress or overeating, to resume treatment as a preventive measure. One can also try to limit aggravating factors. This will make it possible to lighten the treatment. There are causes that can be addressed without stress by simply changing habits for several months: reducing smoking or avoiding processed foods.

What good habits should I adopt?

  • To hide pimples, Apply a non-comedogenic foundation (tinted cream or BB cream) for oily skin after the anti-acne treatment. Finish with a veil of powder. Limit yourself to these products: too many layers on the skin can clog pores.
  • Limit the use of sunscreen to sunny and vacation periods. UV protection is not warranted if you work in an office and are not in the South.
  • In the sun, however, adopt a 50 or 50+ index and do not discontinue treatment. If necessary, consult your dermatologist before leaving.
  • Choose a nonexclusive makeup, with the mention “non-comedogenic”, so as not to promote the appearance of pimples.

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