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AMELANOTIC MELANOMA-IN-SITU. Patient profiles-Tamara. Part 1 of 3. Unique dangerous mole. MrPopZit

Amelanotic (means no melanin-so it’s not dark) Melanoma can be very dangerous because it’s commonly not biopsied due to not looking suspicious for atypical cells. This mole was just turning into Melanoma (“in situ”) so we caught it early before it could have been deadly. This surgery completely cleared the mole so nothing further was needed. It’s a long surgery so I split it into 3 parts. All 3 videos will be released in the next 12 hours – Intro, surgery, and closure. The closure will showcase the running sub cuticular stitch which leaves a less noticeable scar. Thank you to my patient Tamara for sharing her story! Dermatology procedure, pathology discussion, wide excision, and closure. MrPopZit.

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Amelanotic Melanoma-in-situ wide excision. Part 2 of 3. Clear margins. Dermatology procedure.