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Angry back abscess popped and drained. Incision + Drainage with packing inserted. 24hr follow up.

This patient presented with extremely tender red swollen mass on back. I could barely touch it on exam without causing pain. The patient felt instant relief once the pocket was drained. Purulent discharge and cyst contents were removed. Iodoform gauze packing inserted and patient followed up in 24 hours for removal of packing. Incision + Drainage with prescription antibiotics given. Thanks to my patient for sharing his procedure. Cyst Abscess popped. I+D. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Chunky cyst. MrPopZit.

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Massive Armpit Cyst. Dr Khaled Sadek.

Cracked Egg Cyst. Large deep cyst popped and removed on back. Tracks down to deep pocket. MrPopZit.