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Armpit cyst. Armpit lipoma. Dermatology excision. Cyst with dilated pore. Larger lipoma underneath.

Tricky cyst with almost 3cm long lipoma deeper behind it. Cyst had history of swelling and becoming painful. It responded to antibiotics and the swelling and tenderness resolved. Once I cut out small oily pocket of cyst or steatocystoma, I could then visualize a fatty tumor deeper in the pocket. Cyst pop. Lipoma excision. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology excision. Complete surgery with closure. MrPopZit.

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Drainage and punch removal of cyst. Cyst pop. Big squeeze. Punch excision. Punch biopsy. MrPopZit.

Double barrel blackheads Dilated pores of winer. Blackhead pop. Big squeeze. Cyst excision. Cyst pop