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Back Blackhead extractions. Multiple dry clogged pores extracted on back. Big squeeze. MrPopZit.

This patient had multiple blackheads on his back with severe acne scarring and some seborrheic Keratosis. He had two cysts that I excised as well (videos coming soon). Patient was very happy to feel much lighter with all the keratin I removed from his back with the cysts and the blackheads gone. Some people just have a hereditary predisposition to form cysts and blackheads. You add sun damage and smoking to the mix and some people can form quite a few. Blackhead removal. Blackhead extractions. Cyst pops. Extractor, 11blade, and finger squeeze utilized. Just enjoy, try not to complain too much, it will give you wrinkles. 😁😉 MrPopZit.

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