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Best blackheds and pimple popping (323) | Loan Nguyen

Best blackheds and pimple popping (323) | Loan Nguyen.

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  1. I can't watch you no more you're destroying this man's face why do you not get a full extraction you're causing more harm than good what you're leaving behind is going to become infected then he's going to have to go on antibiotics to get rid of that and they're more than likely hit will leave a scar on his face you really need to learn your profession if you're going to continue to do it if not get the fuck off YouTube

  2. this person keeps using the same patient. Clearly doesn't squeeze hard enough after the black head is removed.. I also can't understand why these people walk around like this I would be stuck in front of my bathroom mirror with my own syringe going ape shit

  3. I don't think the holes she is making with extraction are that big. Think of how small the needle really is – we just see it as huge on the video. Moreover the acne is in the pores. She's not making a new hole. And you will never get a completely closed pore after that – once stretched out it stays stretched out.


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