Best Pimple Popping P1 | Mụn Dậy Thì Siêu Hấp Dẫn P1 – SacDepSpa#181

Pimples #sacdepspa #trimun #blackheads Thanh thiếu niên là lứa tuổi phát sinh nhiều mụn việc điều trị cần phải có kết quả sớm.

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  1. Still don't get it. I love this series, but they are right at the surface and so close together I don't understand why u have to stick and draw blood at all. Just mash and it will come out along with several others. I am no professional tho, and don't believe some of these are either.

  2. For those who are seeing this for the first time, and for those returning to it, it's a young man the spa referred to eventually as Hung. He came for 21 visits over six weeks, and the results were magnificent. There's a playlist on the spa homepage, but in the intro, Thuy says this –
    These videos were made when the boy came to the spa . The first time he came, the spa cleaned the acne spots to prevent further damage. Other times, the spa will gradually clean the acne, because the skin has a lot of acne and inflammation, and if taken at the same time, it will be very dangerous, and the person would not be able to bear much pain. The method offers a safe way to gradually clean up acne in combination with the use of guided spa products. Let's keep track of the spa treatment results!
    Note: "Hung" is the spa name set to denote this customer, not his real name.

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