Best Pimple Popping P2 | Mụn Dậy Thì Siêu Hấp Dẫn P2 – SacDepSpa#182

Pimples #sacdepspa #trimun #whiteheads Thanh thiếu niên là lứa tuổi phát sinh nhiều mụn việc điều trị cần phải có kết quả sớm.

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  1. Just knowing whats left in so many of these causes me freaking anxiety, to know that they go to finally get their faces clean, healthy and healing, trusting in these people, not knowing what's going to happen but we do, the not fully emptied pores are going to fill right back up, some if not most turning into red, angry and very sore, huge pimples or abscesses. Your clearly trained better than this. Peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.

  2. Best video in awhile. She empties the pores, while being as gentle as she can. Camera is steady. She doesn't skip around.
    I definitely feel for client. So brave, and a pain tolerance I do not have. Hoping they have mild sedatives or something! What a trooper!!

  3. Just wanting to aknowledge you and your technique. It hurts me to the bone and upsets me to one lady take her lancet type instrument, dig into the clints face and pull back, tearing the skin and leaving an opened wound to heal. No wonder some have cratter type scars. Your technique is so good, you clean out the pore completely, your gentle and only puncture when necessary. I admire and respect your compassion for your clients. Im sure I'm unaware of what the other lady does but I can't watch her. That said, is there a channel with only you on it? If someone could instruct me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanking you in advance

  4. This guy makes me want to cry. You can just feel the pain. I pray he finds the “best” path he needs to be on. When he stops getting acne, he can see a dermatologist to “sand” his face to have his scars removed. I’ve seen it done and they do an amazing job. Hang in there and keep your sight on your future. God bless you and keep you. 🥰

  5. Какая проблемная кожа! Парню нужно серьёзно лечиться изнутри, отрегулировать питание. Чистка – только часть терапии.
    Мастеру браво! Очень осторожно и тщательно она удаляет эти ужасные прыщи!

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