Big. Back. Blackheads

You can thank my husband, Dr Jeff Rebish, for finding this patient for you! She is a longstanding patient of our practice whom he saw recently for a skin exam. He noticed she has many large blackheads on her back, one which has “evolved” into a cyst that you will see in this video, and she also has a couple large cysts on her neck which we will excise next visit. In regards to the large blackhead on her lower back that very well could be a cyst (nicknamed the Mother), this is what I initially suspect is a blackhead, but this is where the labelling gets a little foggy: It could very well be a cyst, and this is probably why it is very difficult to extract the contents fully with the comedone extractor. It has very sticky keratin contents and a very friable, easily torn “cyst wall” that is very adherent to the skin.. it’s like it doesn’t want to let go and holds on for it’s dear life! I have to sort of coax it out… you see how I go away for a bit then I come back and readdress it. I’m pretty sure I got it all, but when she returns to get the cysts removed I’ll try to take a pic of the area to show you all. It’s common to see a bigger blackhead-turn-cyst behave this way.. they are stubborn… but so am I. So stay tuned!
Also, she is such a sweet woman who was really jealous that we got to extract these blackheads! She wanted to know exactly what I was doing, and really wished she could have done it herself. I’m sure she will be watching this video over and over, herself. So I thank her for spreading the joy of “pimple popping”. Enjoy!


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Update on Big Back Blackheads. Her back, one month later.For medical education- NSFE.

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