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  1. Does anyone know what the original video is from or the title or the channel? i really wanna see the real one with better quality that doesnt get cut off by cooking videos.

    this whole dudes channel is just reposting others work then putting cooking views so he cant get reported its annoying

  2. I get that this is a spa and they're going to do the best they can, but this kid needs a doctor. Not some woman using a syringe needle digging out what little she can from severely damaged and infected skin. First, that environment is hardly sterile. With how many open wounds and the amount of bacteria being manipulated, sepsis is a real concern. Second, that is deep seeded acne that needs antibiotics that will kill the infection from the inside. All you're doing is removing the refuse of the infection, the dead skin and white blood cells that have died and collected fighting the infection. I'm amazed that this person came out better at the end, but I can only assume that it was short lived as the problem wasn't dealt with. Not that that's what they're paid to do, they're paid to do exactly what they did, but they still need further treatment.

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