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Blackhead Bonanza! | Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit

Dr. Lee takes on one of her favorite skin conditions: blackheads! Stream More Episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit: …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. I don't watch this person get blackheads very often because she's the only one I've
    seen that has to use a needle on a syringe for everything. I just don't get it. That
    poor old man had the first one dug in so long he'll probably be sore for a week, then
    she brings out the needle.

  2. Why don't Barbers or at least spouses trim men's eyebrows for them? It would make such a difference for them. It's so easy-wet the eyebrows, comb straight up and trim -following the shape of the brow. Instant facelift and the man looks well-groomed. I did this for my spouse for 27 years! Come on guys-let someone trim those eye caterpillars for you.

  3. The bubbles with fun facts are horrible. I mean TLC hasn’t been about learning ever, so why start now. It’s like you suddenly feel shame and guilt that you aren’t teaching anyone anything, and added these fun fact bubbles. Get rid of them.

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