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Cracked Egg Cyst. Large deep cyst popped and removed on back. Tracks down to deep pocket. MrPopZit.

This patient was one of my first cyst videos we did when we started our channel last year called “the egg cyst” in March 2020. It will be linked at the end of this video, you can just click on the pop up. You can see her scar on post neck healed great one year later with no cyst regrowth. She had another cyst on her back that has grown in the last year and become inflamed and that’s what we removed today. It looks like a broken egg when it comes out. She also has several blackheads on her back, that video is coming soon! Thanks again for my patient sharing her procedures, she is a wonderful woman and a pleasure to talk with. Sorry about some light flashing on this video, it was a long procedure and my battery in my headlamp was weakening towards the end of procedure. Thanks for popping by! MrPopZit.

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Angry back abscess popped and drained. Incision + Drainage with packing inserted. 24hr follow up.

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