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Creamy forehead pops. Whitehead/follicular cyst extractions. Possible steatocystoma. MrPopZit.

This patient came in with an inflammatory nodule on his forehead from squeezing and applying heat. It could have been a small follicular cyst or a steatocystoma. When you squeeze a pimple or cyst you recruit inflammatory cells to the area that can cause severe inflammation. This bump was mostly inflamed tissue with very little keratin or exudate. Instead of digging very deep, causing more inflammation, and/or making a large scar, I will start him on an antibiotic that should reduce inflammation and dry up the nodule. You can also inject kenalog into the nodule. After the antibiotic does it’s job we will follow up to see if there is a small sac that can be removed or a pocket of keratin to express or possibly the inflammation will be completely resolved…time will tell. Oh yeah there’s also a couple amazing creamy pops. One of the pops exploded over two feet in the air covering us all. Creamy cyst pops. Extractions. Whiteheads. Follicular cysts. MrPopZit.

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