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Creamy pops take 2. Acne extractions follow up. More extractions. Great improvement. Injections.

This was my creamy pops patients 2 week follow up. Great improvement. Had him return to clear any remaining clogged pores. No signs of steatocystomas on exam, I thought he might have a few, but if he did you would be able to feel a fibrous sac under the surface of the skin. He had no such sacs on exam. He also had some deep inflammatory nodules that the antibiotics are improving, but I did a small injection of kenalog-3% into the nodules to speed up their improvement. Retinoid dryness will improve in the next few weeks. Just a quick short and sweet acne extraction video before Christmas break. Creamy stringy pops. Acne extractions. Q-tip pops. MrPopZit.

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