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Cyst reforms months after Incision & Drainage of large neck abscess. Removal and dissection today.

Link below to this patients original I+D procedure.

Thanks to my patient for sharing his procedures. His daughter was a true popaholic and enjoyed every minute. This is a textbook story of a cyst bursting and becoming an inflamed abscess. The abscess getting drained. Then eventually a small retained particle of cyst wall reforms into a cyst and continues to grow until removed. I speak often about the difficulty of removing 100% of the obliterated cyst, due to extreme sensitivity of the tissue surrounding the cyst and the inability to fully anesthetize the area when an abscess has formed. It’s much easier to numb the area when there is no inflammation and pop out the remaining sac as we did in this video. #dermatology #physicianassistant #abscess #cyst #mrpopzit

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