Cystic Acne Treatment / Cyst and Blackhead extraction / Pimple Popping / Clogged Pores #3

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Is it me or have you guys EVER seen the derm extract the sebum/ yuck with a NEEDLE!?! I can understand needing it to break the barrier. But why not use a regular use a regular remover- looks like a long metal thing with the eye-of-a-needle shape which removes whiteheads/ blackheads? Seems like a lot of needless scarring and pain!

  2. Seriously this young dude needs to learn how to take care of his own face.. he has severe acne that woulda looke d80% better had he cleaned it up some..
    Dude needs a blackhead/compdone kit..
    I bought one for my daughter last year on eBay for $8..
    *my wife just said “not everyone is built that way” and I‘lol be honest h
    That I’m confused..esp when your young..
    **THE GOLDEN RULE=eliminate ads many obstacles that keep you away from nookie.

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