Dangerous Surgery On Patient's Eyeball Could Leave Him Blind I Dr Pimple Popper

Patient Shane has a lump growing over his eye which previous doctors have refused to operate on over fears it could leave him …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Please don't exaggerate the medical attention. He is not having an operation on his eye ball but an excision of a cyst or swelling on the exterior orbit around the eye. With care and precision Dr Lee will not or should not come in contact with the eye ball. Of course there can be if she had a mental block, a fainting spell or had her hand knocked. The patient collapsing from fear of the unknown and possible other unknown medical conditions. If the patient has been made aware of the procedure and consented care is taken then I am not aware of what other mistakes could evolve. It in the lap of the gods.

  2. I see all of these videos from dr. Lee and thinking that she saved so many lives from misery I always think how hard it is to hide those imperfections on your body and wonder if you're really sick with serious conditions with those bumps. These are just outside problems, so of course she sees a lot of really devastating endings but with bumps, it's not always cancer.

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