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Deep embedded neck Blackheads with ingrown hairs popped out. Whiteheads, milia, pustules extracted.

Blackheads, whiteheads, milia extracted. This patient came in and had pretty severe acne and she didn’t have time to get extractions done on the first visit. I put her on my acne protocols and she did very well within just 3 months. We were going to do way more extractions but she improved so much by the time she returned to my office. However, she did have several very good deep embedded waxy plugs wrapped around hair follicles that popped right out with Q-tips. Thanks to my patient for sharing her procedure, she is very happy with her results and we will follow up closely with her. Acne extractions. Pustules popped. Waxy pore plugs removed. Ingrown hairs popped out. Keep smiling, stay positive, and thanks for poppin by! MrPopZit.

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Giant exploded deep sternal abscess. I+D. Large pus pocket with cyst contents drained and packed.

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