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  1. Oh thank God! Finally someone worked on something on the head and actually taped the hair back out of the working area!! I've been saying this forever! I hate watching the hair get all glopped up with the cyst (or whatever) contents; its disgusting. I doubt if the patient can go home and immediately wash their hair right after a surgery, so they're left with that grossness stuck in their hair for however long till they can wash it out. I've never understood why a Dr wouldn't just take the 30 seconds or so to pull the hair away from the area and tape it down to keep it out of the way. I loved this one!

  2. I understand, especially in todays society with how important physical appearance has become, her saying it’s something that makes her feel less secure. But it definitely shouldn’t make her “feel like a freak”, as people experience things like this and similar other things pretty commonly; It’s something she can’t control, nor that she could’ve predicted or prevented most likely. Plus, she has the luxury of being able to wear her hair down to cover it & even when she didn’t, it was nearly close to not being able to notice until pointed out. Imagine how it makes people feel who endure things like this/tumors/cysts/etc on their faces or an area where it’s very visible almost all the time, to hear her say “I feel like some kind of freak because of it”. Obviously, she probably didn’t say it with any malicious intent, but sometimes people don’t realize how lucky they actually are to be able to remove/cure/fix what is medically wrong, or otherwise what they deem flawed & want fixed/changed/gone. Thankfully, it ended up not being problematic for her and was easily taken care of.

  3. She is such a sweet girl..I hope and pray this is gone for her. Thanks Dr Lee for doing what you do! I can imagine the insecurities this young girl has had over the years. I'm from South FL (and moved back home last August.) However..the 6 years prior(beginning of 2016 to almost end of 2021), I lived where u did your internship at…the wonderful Ohio Valley!!! Which the Ohio Valley is a broad area, but inwas literally where u are. There are alot of amazing doctors/specialists in that area. Thank u for being u, becoming who you are, and doing what u do!

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