Dr. Lee Reconstructs A Young Woman's Over-Stretched Ears | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr Lee helps Noelle leave her teenage self behind and transform into the woman she is today. She also tries to remove a lump …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. well yeah of course if you get it cause of a fad you are going to regret it..
    I've been pierced and stretched for over half my life I'm 41.. started when i was 18. When I did it.. I did it cause i liked the way it looked.. I did it for myself, I really like the symbolism with body art and modification.. My ears are at 2", my septum is a 2 ga, and I have my tongue and my lip done, I love them.. never take them out.. cause its not a FAD for me.. but to each their own..

  2. I am glad she got them fixed. To each is own I guess and I try not to judge others but I just think they look so stupid when stretched. Where was her parents at age 15? In Oklahoma they can not do that unless the parents sign a form to allow it. Kids make dumb choices it is the parents job to stop them even if it does make them mad at you, My kid wanted to do a lot of weird piercings when young too. I let her pierce when young her ears when young and then do another set right above when about 15. But that was it, she wanted more and her nose done too and the top of her ear with a bar in it. I just flat said hell no. she even talked about doing this but not near as big. I told her when you turn 18 you can do anything you want. She turned 18 she got a tiny stud in her nose and a few tattoos, but she was like dad thank you for not letting me mess up my ears or pierce my belly button. Now she let them grow back in the nose and the bar in the ear and she only has the original holes in her ears I let her have. She is 26 now. Kids learn from this young lady. Your mind is not mature until your mid 20's. DO NOT do something you will regret. She is lucky this was a easy fix. Some bad decisions you are stuck with. Not to mention she spent a hell of a lot more money getting them fixed instead of gauged.

  3. Ok, I have really mixed feelings on this…….. I am probably around the same age, and I stretched my lobes to 00… had them for years and took them out at 28 because I felt I couldn't go further, or was not taken seriously.

    At 35 now, I have just gotten back to 00 in my ears, more piercings, and work in corporate America with a "respectful" job…..

    It's one thing if it really bothers you and your self esteem….. I get that and support it 100% ….That is the point, is make yourself happy first….

  4. I had a lipoma removed from the back of my shoulder, I have a 10 inch incision and it was so large that it took 3 hours to remove it because it was in and around all of my nerves and blood vessels, muscles everything that makes a shoulder. My poor surgeon thought it would scoop out easy but it was a very difficult dissection. There is nothing left but skin and some bone and a big dent but at least my arm doesn’t fall asleep now.

  5. What you did is just hideous, and I don’t like your tattoos either. You are such a beautiful girl and to have destroyed your beauty is so sad. Oh that might not even heal, it could get infected. I hope she can fix it for you. She did a wonderful job good luck with healing.

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