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Dr. Lee Removes 62 Cyst Bumps From Steatocystomas Patient! l Dr. Pimple Popper

Keke suffers from steatocystomas and has roughly 500 cyst boils spread out all over her body causing major discomfort and …

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  1. I hope Dr Lee can help that beautiful lady. She deserves to feel good about herself. She has a great mother in law & loving husband. I don't have that issue and my husband is always criticizing my body about one thing or another. It hurts alot. She is very blessed to be so loved…

  2. I know a lot of your videos are self produced, and because this particular video was from a cable show, and not your own, is why we did get to see "the money shot" people are mumbling about. I'm just so glad to see Ms Keke in higher spirits. Is there going to be a follow up video, where you tackle more of Ms Keke's blemishes? I hope so. The relief you gave to Ms Keke is so invaluable. You are a wonderful, caring and compassionate person, and not just here for show. Thank you for that!

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