Dr. Lee Removes Multiple Cysts In Very Painful Surgery! I Dr. Pimple Popper: Pop Ups

Patient Nicole has between 50 and 80 cysts on her neck, and Dr. Sandra Lee wants to help her by removing as many as possible, …

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  1. I really appreciate what you did here, Dr. Lee, by going outside your comfort zone to remove this many steatocystomas in one sitting out of your compassion and understanding for this patient's situation. You have to balance risk vs. reward a lot in the medical profession, and taking on that extra work and slightly higher risk of infection by removing so many cysts at once was a great determination of balance between risk and reward because of how much this procedure meant to this patient emotionally.

    Procedures that offer high reward or extremely positive outcomes sometimes justify a slightly higher risk, at least in some cases like this one. I'm glad that you are able to appreciate that nuance. Not every doctor does, which is okay, but it's heartwarming that you care so much about your patients' entire well-being both physically and emotionally and you go that extra mile in helping them. I guarantee you Nicole will feel so much better about herself, about her body, and about life in general with those cysts removed. I feel relieved on her behalf, so I know that's got to be true.

  2. I may be the only person feeling this way, but I would so much rather see the whole procedure and sacrifice all the up close and personal segments of Dr. Lee talking about it. In these episodes of the TV show, it's like they're afraid of showing the public watching the TV show too much of the real stuff. So, film it and post that to YouTube. Believe me, watching the actual procedure is a lot more interesting than watching her talk. Especially when it comes to this kind of problem, because watching her remove them is fascinating.

  3. I know that neck pain. Nothing like her experience, but I had to have kidney dialysis for a month or so and I had to have the line in my neck. The needle is sooooo thick and I was actually comatose for about two thirds of the time, but I kept fighting the sedation so I’d yank the needles out of my neck when I’d try getting out of bed. Then for the other third of the time, I was conscious and they used numbing but it’s a difficult vein to get so it wore off way before they were finished. It was like having surgery, awake.
    Long story short, three years later I still have the hole marks on my neck which I know will always be scars, but I fought and won so 💪🏻😭😂

  4. You look just as beautiful with the bumps than you did without!! I love your smiles and tenacity! I no longer have a nose or an eye do to cancer. I can empathize with what you were feeling. I have had many people look right at me and say “gross!”. I would respond back by saying…” I know! When I first saw my face I said gross too! But if you and I were to become friends, you would become so used to my face that you wouldn’t even notice my missing nose! You would also find that I am an awesome friend to have!” It is so true…if you and were friends we would come to see our imperfections as a sign of our strength and true beauty! I think we would laugh and have fun! 🙂💕

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