Dr. Lee Removes This Patient’s Second Head Growing On His Neck! | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee tackles this huge tumour growing on the back of patient Jason’s neck which looks like a second head! From season 4 …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. I'm glad people are being helped by Dr. Lee. But don't waste your time on this channel anymore if you're expecting to see any part of the procedure. Some people here are interested in the story behind the patient but others are interested in the actual procedure of talented Doctor Lee. Unsubscribing!!

  2. Why don't you ever show the procedure of getting rid of it why only show everything leading up to the procedure,then skipping the procedure,then showing what happened after. Some of us would really appreciate you actually showing the procedure all way through. Hopefully one day you'll do this for some of your viewers even if you have to make a separate video just showing the procedure itself thank you

  3. I look at most of the comments and people saying about want to see the procedure the surgery if she was doing this on YouTube you will see the whole thing but when you on TV and especially TLC or any other station they will blur it out or cut it out because you can have a billion people that wants to see it but you going to have a million people that don't want to see it and will complaint how they put that on TV and it's not suitable for children so don't get mad at Dr Lee you get mad at the TV station and have for the people that don't like to see that on national TV

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