Dr. Lee Tackles Enormous Veiny 11-Year-Old Lump I Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee helps patient Margarita restore some confidence by removing the veiny 11-year-old lump she has on her arm.

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Helping these people is such relief for them.
    The DRs in America seem to have no idea how to refer patients on to the correct Specialist. 🤔
    This shouldn't be in America difficult for people to get removed.
    In Africia its a problem throughout with people living with growths because of no medical system 🙄
    Whats going on ??
    Great job xxx

  2. I may unsubscribe the channel since it is not providing what I have liked for so many years. The procedure of removing different lumps, cysts and lipomas were really educational and it has been a big reason why viewers are interested in this programme. Skipping the removal procedure is a big disappointment for those who have supported the channel for so many years.

  3. Me encanta la Dra.
    Sandra Lee, he visto muchos casos y han sido muy exitosos, es muy segura en sus diagnósticos, le habla muy claro a LIS pacientes, y al final, todo queda exitosamente, bien,
    Nunca he tenido ningún problema, de esa índole, peto si algún día tuviera, alguno de esa índole, iría a ella, sin dudarlo.
    Todos mis respetos y felicitaciones, para la Dra. Lee.
    Me gustaría ver, sus operaciones,
    Saludos afectuosos, y éxitos, cómo siempre

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