Dr. Lee Treats Drag Queen’s Severe Case Of Steatocystomas | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee helps to treat Drag Queen Tameru’s severe case of Steatocystomas, which has led to hundreds of cysts all over his body.

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  1. I wish I could meet y’all 😃👍✌️ I live in CO. If you travel, let me know when you’re in CO. You are a beautiful and wonderful Drag Queen and Vivian‼️😃👍✌️🤩♥️♥️ You are free now and you can live life to the fullest with Vivian and everyone else who is nurturing to you and like family to you 👍😃🤩😻😍♥️♥️

  2. Why don't they show the squeezing anymore this is like the second episode I've seen where there's more commentary of the person's backstory then the removal of any of the cysts why did y'all decide to do it that way where too many people complaining because I kind of slick feel like that's what it is

  3. I have knots under my arms and it gets bigger and huge and it hurts so bad where I have to go see the doctor and get some medicine for it to get rid of the knot under my arm and also I use Dial soap and safeguard so and it helps to get rid of the knot under my arm what I do is I get a hot towel and put it under my arm and it really helps to get rid of the white pus under your armpits!

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