Dr. Lee Treats Extreme Scarring In Patient's Armpits | Dr. Pimple Popper

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  1. Just had my first deroofing done on 3 flares that would not go away. Thankfully they are healing well. Humira has really given me my life back, since starting my medication 2 years ago I haven't had any new flares come. Most of what I had cleared up with the exception of the 3 spots I just had removed.

  2. Well done Chanel. I have seen other videos of HS patients & my heart goes out to all of them. Nobody can know what they go thru except another HS patient. I wish there could be a cure for this condition & not have to resort to such drastic treatment. Dr Lee is a great example of how caring doctors should be.

  3. The thing I LOVE about Dr. Lee is she never does anything that won't work. When she does procedures or prescribes meds it's always because she has had good outcomes with these things. Rarely does she advise someone to take something or do some procedure that she is unsure of. Sure with cysts it's hard to be 100% that it won't reoccur if she isn't positive about getting all of the sac, but that's normal. She has even referred people to other Doctors because she isn't secure in the procedures that need to be done. She never sugar coats things and is always upfront about what she can or can't do.

  4. I wish my armpits looked like hers they look tame to me. I’m stage 3 severe HS I literally have zero armpits it’s all red purple angry scarring tracts weeping the whole areas are covered now as well as my breast stomach c section area Pubic bone groin thighs bottom etc there’s nothing the specialists can do for me now I’m already on biological immune suppressant injections and many other meds but I’m at the end of the line unless I do brick sized skin removals in all areas and have a wound vac on keeping the brick sized areas of flesh open to heal. That’s it that’s my option all they can offer now. I have a 7 year old with autism and adhd I can’t go through that right now or for the foreseeable future. I’m mostly bedbound now with over 250 open sores and abcesses on my body right now ranging from pea to grapefruit sized. It’s hell I’m suicidal a lot off the pain. Life is hell I get sepsis regularly and live on medication that makes me numb mentally like a robot. I’m so depressed

  5. I have HS and it affects my legs more than anything. There have been times I've been in so much pain that I can't walk and even laying down in bed hurts. Thankfully I've got my flares under control but many HS warriors don't. I hope better treatment options become available because at the moment, there are a whole lot of options.

  6. This condition is debilitating and painful! 20 year survivor! She may be in pain but that procedure hurts less than those boils do. Praying for a cure! Hs is terrible….. and it’s not for the weak… Prayers for all who suffer from this terrible disease! It’s not contagious and we aren’t dirty or have terrible hygiene!!!

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