Dr Pimple Popper Reacts to Blackhead Extraction! #shorts #drpimplepopper

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Hard to tell with some of them. This could go either way except for one important thing… For there being absolutely no bump, it's definitely not something that would naturally be holding that amount of contents and not be taking up a good amount of space to sit in and the skin being perfectly clear and absolutely no bump had developed under the skin. They did a great job on the contacts but the volume of contents when the surrounding skin is so normal just doesn't make any sense. Typically, blood will start coming out at the end with the contents as well. Edit: It doesn't appear an opening was even made for the contents to come out of… It's not the typical look of a DPOW and .DPOWs definitely don't usually have any wherever near that level of contacts

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