Dr Pimple Popper Reacts to Restaurant Pop!

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. This is done at a barber shop for men type thing he does everything from wash the men's hair no hair cutting though takes their pimples out and so on I would just go on YouTube and put in man's barber and see what comes up for you or man's barber the old fashioned way. Cuz that's what he is is giving them a facial and shaving them smacking their backs Etc

  2. I'd be worried it's basil silskin cancer it took my dermatologists about 3 times cutting and finally doing a biopsy to find out I had skin cancer just entered my eye a little higher than this guy's position and then it took 3 more surgeries over a period of 8 years to get rid of it finally and the last one I had to have a skin graft and surgery surgery to flatten out the bottom eyelid cause basil cells like a jellyfish has little tentacles that keep going and I finally finally got a clean area when I was about 28 and now I'm 67 thank goodness I was hoping it wouldn't keep growing across my face

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