Dr. Pimple Popper's Weekly Story Time: Momma Squishy, Chapter 11

Friday is here again and so is Momma Squishy!! Enjoy some updates and some of that squishy goodness that we all love!

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. Love Momma Squishy, and how you take care of her, healed so well. Both strong, My definition: women that have gone through emotional/ physical problems and still can open their heart to support, empathize, showing understanding by supporting, advocating for others that are/have going through similar experiences that you are willing to share your knowledge/ experience to help them through their journey.
    Would love to see a comparison of the various areas showing 1st visit and last visit ( I understand with this ailment there is no cure and less frequent will be necessary,)

  2. I have cysts under my arms they pop up on my neck under my breasts between my legs they hurt so god damn bad when I squeeze them(if I even can) I got called fat by sooo many doctors and they all told me they’d do more research but never did as a dumb kid I was just like okay! And caught myself comparing myself to literally everyone if they didn’t have what I did I was less or worse and it destroyed me for a long time. They’ve calmed down to where they don’t pop in public but they’re still painful at work with my bras I just wish those doctors would have taken that little girl who couldn’t close her arms because of the egg sized cysts more seriously. I wasn’t fat I have something I know it! Atleast cystic acne I’m not sure. Don’t listen to those doctors demand work done and get these monsters out if you can you guys are beautiful and your skin is beautiful and I love you even if the doctors make you feel like no one will❤️

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