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Earlobe Abscess. Incision and drainage of purulent pocket. Cyst contents removed, one week follow up

This patient was scheduled for a surgery just 6 days prior for a very firm “marble like” cyst in the earlobe that was not inflamed. What sometimes happens when the cyst is growing the thin wall of the sac can burst cyst contents into the surrounding tissue, the body then mounts an immune response to try and break down and remove the cyst particles and that’s what forms an abscess. This earlobe was packed full of purulence and bits of cyst and was very uncomfortable to sleep on. Thanks to my patient for sharing his procedure. I’m glad he’s feeling much better. Earlobe abscess. Earlobe cyst. Incision and drainage. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Dermatology procedure. MrPopZit.

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