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Explosive shoulder boulder abscess. You gotta see it to believe how much comes out of this pocket! -Video link -Channel link

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This patient has a history of large cysts. We have removed several. He’s a great guy and thanks to him for sharing! This cyst likely burst causing a painful inflammatory response. It amazing how much discharge we get out of this pocket. Bring your raincoats it’s explosive! This abscess is a perfect example and a window into what the bottom of an abscess looks like, a mushy gelatinous mess that can never be fully removed. We get as much out as we can. Multiple follow ups on this one, 48 hour, 1 week, and 2 months. No regrowth of cyst yet. Thanks for poppin by! MrPopZit. Incision and drainage. Inflamed abscess. Explosive purulent discharge.
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