Extreme Hyperhidrosis: Dr. Lee Treats Patient's Uncontrollable Sweating | Dr. Pimple Popper

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  1. I can feel her! Have spent my entire teen years dealing with sweaty & stinky armpits! Tried almost everything but absolutely no relief. I knew about miradry but It wasn`t available in India yet. They day i found out that this clinic was launching it in India, i was literally one of their first patients. I thought I was the only one but when I went there I could see the clinic running 12 hours just performing miradry. One treatment & It`s been two years now and miradry & skin temple clinic have literally given me a new life! I don`t even wear a deodorant anymore! Just for the record, India has Asia`s exclusive miradry only clinic. They do only miradry. How cool is that!! This has changed my life! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Starting as a teen I had really bad hyperhydrosis under the arms. It was so bad that my antiperspirant would cake onto my clothes and ruin then. A simple solution, Driclor! Burns like a b****, but works a charm. I literally can't sweat under my arms and it's permanent.

  3. I can soak a shirt even sitting in front of a desk fan in a cold room 😒 I have to get 30 shots of Botox in each armpit, wait two weeks, then do it all again. It takes 120 shots every five months to control my hyperhidrosis enough that OTC antiperspirants work for me. I see my dermatologist in September, so I'm going to ask her about Mira dry and pray it kills every. single. sweat gland!

  4. OMGosh! I'm 71 and I've never even heard of this disorder. Now, after watching the video & reading numerous comments, I realize this is something I’ve had my whole life!! I've been so embarrassed & frustrated with it; I hate being the only one who has sweat pouring off my head, face, neck, even knees; I’m tired of having to throw perfectly good clothes away due to a permanent odor that no amount of chemicals can eliminate; I hate going to bed clean only to wake up needing another shower due to stinky nighttime sweat; as my vision worsens it's increasingly dangerous to not be able to keep my glasses from sliding down my nose! But now, to learn there's something that might be able to help, I’m so extremely excited. To all my fellow sweat-sisters & brothers, we have hope!

  5. I have this, I tried all the things I could find and this made my armpit look darker,scratch and bleed but nothing never works for me to stop sweating but I describe some products that stop the bad smell but I still sweat a lot 😔 She wears grey t shirts I can't even wear this colors I just wear black

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