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Favre “Back”ouchot (Racouchot). Dozens of blackheads, whiteheads, milia popped on face and back.

NEW LOGO ALERT!! Tell me what you think about my new logo! This patient has Favre Racouchot syndrome with many clogged pores on face and back and multiple cysts. I posted his cotton ball cyst on his temple last week, these are his extractions. Coming soon look for the “Yogurt slinger cyst”, we removed a giant cyst on his back that exploded onto the floor. Thanks to my patient for sharing all his procedures, he feels lighter with all his pores unclogged and is very happy. Acne Extractions. Zits. Clogged pores. Cyst pops. Whiteheads, blackheads, milia. Q-tips. Extractor. Finger squeezes. MrPopZit

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Written by Pimpletube

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超多顆!!耳朵黑頭~~! Non-stop coming out!!