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Final follow up cheek extractions. Over 90% improvement. Clearing out some of the last clogged pores

This was my cheek extractions with Q-tips patient. She is very happy with her results with just a few sessions, extractions followed by retinoid therapy is a combination for success, not my opinion, it’s evidenced based medicine. Her right cheek was even worse than her left, but I didn’t capture a good image of the before. Many people in the comment section for some reason think that the pores are not being cleared and horrible scars are being caused. I do many follow ups to showcase improvements and you can see that nothing close to that ASSumption is true. I showcase her improvement and then knock out a couple dozen extractions with a small abscess pop at the end. I have several more other follow ups recorded along with a few new extraction patients coming soon! Stayed tuned. Blackheads, whiteheads, milia, with big squeeze and clearance of pore dirt. Stay safe out there and thanks for poppin by! MrPopZit

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