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FOLLOW UP -1 chest 1 cup Hidradenitis Abscess. Greatly improved, pain resolved. Will monitor.

7 day follow up on Hidradenitis suppurativa abscess on chest. Greatly improved, patient very happy and pain free. I will monitor closely. Not out of the woods yet. Reducing bacteria in trouble areas is key to stabilizing inflammation. Carbohydrate and sugar intake also play a large role in inflammation, so reduction is key. Biologic injectables like Humira are also approved for recalcitrant cases. Every case is different but with focused treatments, careful monitoring, and extensive education, almost every patient greatly improves in time. MrPopZit

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1 chest 1 cup Gigantic Hidradenitis Abscess over sternum. I+D large pocket popped and drained.

Is it a Blackhead? Let me know…Dr Khaled Sadek.