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Follow up alert! Dissecting Cellulitis of the scalp patient post 1 month on Accutane. 95% improved!

This is my chronic Dissecting Cellulitis of the scalp patient, very cool guy, who is ecstatic with his quick results. We have done several I+D’s for him over the last 6 months. His scalp has been chronically draining, messy, very painful, and caused severe disruptions of his social life at times. Accutane is one of several recommended treatments for this condition. Due to his amount of draining, leaking, and active nodules I thought it would be a good treatment choice for him. We will monitor him closely and expect his condition to go into remission post treatment. His previous drainage video will be linked at the end of this video. One of the favorite parts of my job is helping great people with debilitating conditions and bringing back quality of life! Dissecting cellulitis (also known as perifolliculitis capitis abscedens et suffodiens) MrPopZit.

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