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Follow up alert Tennis ball elbow cyst traumatic wound dehiscence. Scar revision surgical correction

This is my large calcified cyst on elbow patient. He was healing great and then he fell into a heavy door, elbow first, that was closing quickly. The trauma split his closure and opened up the surgery site. Life happens sometimes. I let the tissue heal for 8 weeks which closed the holes about 50%, then This is the video of the scar revision closure surgery. He still has plenty of tissue in the area due to his large cyst stretching out the skin previously. Stay tuned for a very unique follow up video for him coming soon called “Ranch Elbow” see what happens when inflammatory fluids mix with calcium pyrophosphate! It’s a must see! He is doing great and I thank my patient for sharing his unique story. Here is the link to his original cyst removal. MrPopZit

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Large Face cyst comes out like butter! Dr Khaled Sadek.

Pebble cyst follow up! Healed great, patient very happy with results. Original video linked below.