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Forehead extractions #2. Over 11 minutes of just the pop! Blackheads,whiteheads, milia. Floor pop

Forehead extractions 2 out of 3. Over 11 minutes of just the pop. This patient has severe acne with many comedones (blackheads, whiteheads, and milia) Doing several sessions of extractions along with prescription treatments will get her clear much faster. As always different parts of the face may require different extraction methods to maximize clearance and minimize trauma. Extractions are never one method fits all. Every face is different. I had to discard some footage due to first time camera person because pops were blocked by my glove, but still got some good pops. I edit out all the prep and footage that isn’t a pop. This was over 35 minute session. Patient very happy with results. MrPopZit

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