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Giant MRSA Abscess on scalp. Incision and drainage with packing. 24 hour and 7 day follow up.

This patient actually is a fan of my YouTube channel. He has had issues in the past around this same area but it keeps returning. So he looked me up online and came in to my office. Thanks to my patient for letting us share his story. When large seeping nodules present in office like this they are generally a ruptured cyst (usually not infectious) or a bacterial infection (such as MRSA). If I do not see many cyst particles then it’s highly suspect for a bacterial infection such as in this case. My suspicions were validated when his culture came back with heavy growth of methicillin resistant staph aureus. This video is a textbook presentation of a MRSA infection and Incision and drainage treatment. His results were spectacular in just 7 days. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Incision and drainage. Purulent discharge. Iodoform gauze packing. MrPopZit.

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