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Gout Elbow 7 & 12 month follow up of tennis ball sized nodules removed from both elbows.Doing great!

Link to 2nd procedure above 👆

This patient has very severe gout with large nodules over most of his joints. The ones that really bothered him were on his elbows, so we removed them 7 and 12 months ago to make his life easier after several surgeons told him they wouldn’t do it for him. The surgeries were not easy but to see the smile on his face made my day. Patient is so happy he came back to my office just to show me how well he was doing. These are the type of outcomes that make all the hard work worth it! Gouty tophi. Gout elbows. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Creamy elbow pops. MrPopZit.

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