How to Get Rid of a Zit – Super Techniques to Get Rid of Pimples As Fast As Possible

If you’ve got an important event coming up; prom, homecoming, a business interview, whatever, the last thing you want is a big ol zit on your face to give you something else to feel self conscious about. There are plenty of methods for how to get rid of a zit that are safer and are far more effective than popping them. In fact there isn’t a single reason ever that you should pop a zit as it can and will make things worse for you.

Now I’ve mentioned before that a good way to prevent a zit from forming is to dilute as much salt as you possibly can into water and then dab the solution onto the forming pimple. This works great at preventing them from even forming. However the same method does help somewhat after a pimple has formed because it will dry it out as well as help prevent the spread of bacteria on your face. Just simply keep pouring salt into a little bit of water and stirring. At some point, the salt will simply stop disappearing into the water and that’s when you know no more can be mixed in.

Another great and natural method for how to get rid of a zit is to use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a very strong antiseptic that will almost instantly kill any bacteria on your skin that are causing and maintaining pimples. Also unlike chemical alternatives like benzoyl peroxide, bacteria can’t form a resistance to the tea tree oil so it will always be an effective treatment. If you buy full strength tea tree oil, however, make sure you dilute it down as full strength is way to strong for our skin to handle. Most places that sell it these days have a diluted form.

Pure lemon juice is another method for how to get rid of a zit. Simply squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl and then dab it onto the pimple. It might sting a bit, but it will help reduce redness, inflammation and help take care of the bacteria causing the breakout.

Lastly I never condone popping a pimple ever, but people out there are still going to do it. If you choose to go this route, just be aware that you could potentially make things way, way worse than they already are. The pimple could get infected and become twice as big as it was. On top of that, it will look even more red and stand out way more than it would have otherwise. If you do choose to pop a zit, take a needle and sterilize it with rubbing alcohol. Then lightly prick the pimple and very gently squeeze it from the sides.

The best way, however, for how to get rid of a zit is to ensure they don’t form in the first place. Take care of your body’s internal problems and your body will reward you with completely clear and phenomenal looking skin.

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