How to take care of the fragile areas of the face

Do you sometimes cheat a little on your age? Beware, the fragile skin of the neck and eye contour often betrays the real age of your skin!

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The skin is indeed thinner in these areas and it is also more solicited by the movements of the face. It is therefore important to take action in time to preserve elasticity of these delicate areas.

Practical tips for smoothing wrinkled skin

There are easy-to-implement recipes to delay the marks of time on the most fragile areas of the face.

Only for your beautiful eyes: eye contour care

The skin of the around the eyes is extremely thin (the thinnest of the body) and rather badly vascularized. The blood vessels responsible for the good irrigation of the cutaneous tissues in this area are particularly fragile and sometimes work in slow motion.

eye contour

The inevitable expression lines © sruilk

In addition, the constant expressions of the face wrinkle and wrinkle the skin continuously until they definitely make small holes appear on the skin. wrinkles and furrows.

Does this mean we shouldn’t laugh out loud? No, but a daily care of the eye area can be useful…

Make your ideal eye serum

Once again, we call on the oils to the rescue…

Anti-wrinkle ingredients for the eye area
  • German chamomile essential oil
  • vegetable oil of calophylla inophylus
  • argan oil
The recipe for the eye contour serum

It’s very simple: dilute a single drop of German chamomile essential oil in 10 ml of calophyll inophylla vegetable oil mixed with 5 ml of argan oil.

The oil of calophylla is derived from the kernel of the ovoid fruit of the tree “Callophyllum inophyllum “. In external use, it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to protect the capillary vessels. Rich in fatty acids, it contains nearly 40% linoleic acid. In this serum, argan oil and German chamomile essential oil complement the formula well for an effect smoothing and decongesting intense.

Easy to use

Apply two drops of this serum at bedtime on the ocular area (mobile eyelids, bags, orbits), tapping lightly with the fingertips until total penetration.

Store in a smoked or opaque glass bottle.

Our advice for tired eyes

If your eyes seem tired or irritated, consider applying compresses soaked in chamomile hydrosol for about ten minutes on the closed eyelids from time to time. This will soothe reddened eyes and rest the eyes.

Warning: Never use essential oils in the eye, even diluted.

Fight against neck looseness

The skin of the neck tends to be the first to suffer from classic loss of elasticity caused by skin aging. The well-known inconveniences of mature skin then occur: chin ptosis (double chin or turkey neck) and marked wrinkles, sometimes pigmentation spots.

Firming the neck with a facial gym

Practicing facial exercises every day helps fight the signs of aging. To prevent your neck from withering, a simple gesture is to say to out loud several times the sound “X”. while pulling well on the lips. The neck tendons should contract. For more facial exercises, see the following video.

Facial exercise video tutorial to firm up the neck

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Massages for distended neck skin

A décolletage massage towards the top of the neck with an anti-aging oil can also give good results.

Make your own anti-aging serum for the neck and décolletage

For the neck too, oils are our friends!

Anti-sagging neck ingredients

  • essential oil of cistus ladanifera
  • essential oil of rose geranium or carrot
  • apricot vegetable oil

Recipe for neck and décolleté serum

To make your homemade neck firming serum, dilute ten drops ofessential oil of cistus ladanifera and ten drops of rose geranium in 20 ml of apricot kernel vegetable oil.

If you are prone to spots, replace the geranium with carrot essential oil (daucus carotta).

Use of the mixture

Use this oil for your daily neck and décolleté massage, massaging it in with broad strokes.

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