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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. How sick and twisted can some people be?!!!!!

    He was so obsessed with popping her pimples, that not only did he try to kill their child but he could have killed her too.

    What if she would have been DEATHLY ALLERGIC to whatever it was he put in her bath or food?!!!

    That would have literally been 2 MURDERS DUDE!!!!!!!

    Wow!!!!! How could he?!!!!! and if he wanted to pop pimples that bad…. Why didn't he just go to school to become a dermatologist or something?!! I'm sure this wasn't a overnight obsession!!! Or heck even found someone on the internet!!!!!!!!! You can find some really strange things on the world wide web you know!!!!!!!!

    People like HIM who likes popping pimples and People who ACTUALLY like having their pimples popped!!!!!!!!! LoL

    Wow!!!!! I wonder if there's a website for people with fetishes to get together with people that provide for them?!!!!! LoL

  2. Popping pimples can cause scaring and also can spread around the face. But I doubt Francis could care less if it spread since he has an obsession of popping his wife pimples. The way it sounds liked he doesn't love his wife he only loves her because she has pimples. Clearly he needs professional help in stopping his obsession of popping pimples.

  3. Lol dude just needs to check YouTube for all the pimples, cysts and blackheads being popped, squeezed, etc videos he could want.
    There's Dr. Pimple popper, Dr popzit, Enilise ( I can't remember if im spelling her name correctly), numerous Vietnamese salons, etc.
    And and if you want to watch stuff dealing with feet there's the toe bro, and my feet are killing me.

  4. The irony I'm finding here is that I accused my dad of loving to pop my pimples too much. It frankly hurt too much, and I was sick that he didn't seem to understand I didn't want him touching them anymore because of the pain. I got so mad at him.
    Thankfully my dad isn't like this guy and backed off, letting me find a less painful way to deal with them. I came to understand he genuinely believed he was helping me, and he wasn't ignoring the fact I was in pain, epically during the times I hit him to get him to stop (12 years old hit hard according to him). Eventually I let him pop some I felt needed the extra help, but only after I tested to see if I could handle them.
    Liking to pop pimples is fine, but destroying your loved ones over it, especially when it's your pregnant wife, is not. At that point it's an out-of-control addiction, and we all know what happens with those.

  5. In Vietnam and other places, there are “beauty salons” where people PAY to have technicians pop pimples, and clean their face of blemishes by physical methods. If Francis was watching these types of videos he would be very familiar with this. Mary needs to divorce Francis. Francis could move to one of those countries where these salons exist, and get hired as one of their technicians. He could pop every day as a professional pimple popper.

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