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Ingrown hair cyst. The blackhead that grew up to become a cyst. Cool ingrown hair in the middle.

This was my back blackheads patient. He had two cysts removed this day (1st cyst coming soon) plus blackheads removed which I’ve already uploaded that video. This was an interesting little cyst n the shoulder, because once I crack open the cyst you can see a nice thick hair right in the middle that likely started the cyst. You can also see why I cut a small ellipse out not only to use that skin as a small “handle” to lift the cyst up, but also to better visualize the pocket for any residual (sometimes small) remaining bits of cyst wall. If those bits are left in pocket, the cyst can reform and return. Blackhead. Cyst excision. Cyst pop. Ingrown hair cyst. Dermatology procedure. Simple interrupted sutures. MrPopZit.

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