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  1. Hang in there. I had weird sores kind of showed up randomly. Some spots would get better and come back. It turned out to be folicalitis. Dr put me on a med for yeast infections. Finally something worked. He was a diabetic doctor. Right Dr who knew what it was. It was pain full. They will figure it out.

  2. I know that this woman is dealing with a difficult issue that I'm sure negatively impacts her life every day, I have dyshidrotic eczema and it hit my feet once years back and it was a constant source of frustration and made walking long distances and wearing socks and shoes extremely unpleasant. So I get that her situation is stressful, but she went to this doctor with completely absurd expectations, and then was pretty rude that the doctor didn't meet them. She says "I'm upset because I don't understand why she can't figure out what's wrong with me." even though she shows up explaining she's been to six doctors and none of them knew what was going on. Like she's thinking, "Yeah but THIS doctor is on TV". I'm just frustrated with how ridiculous her expectations are and then instead of adjusting them she just gets angry.

  3. I had the clear fluid blisters on my palms, fingers and toes. They would combine and the water blisters were as big as quarters. My doctor prescribed pregnozone… but I still got them. He said they were caused by stress. Two things I did: I popped them with a needle (otherwise the blisters were huge and very painful) and put a bandage on with antibiotic ointment … healed in 2 days. Second, I kicked my bf to the curb, got rid of the blisters and the bf. all my stress 👍. 💖🌞🌵😷

  4. Whats happened to Karen and her feet? I can understand her disappointment but her expectations are not reasonable. I think a few tests have to be made. Pustules, a sac of pus generally means an infection or dying cells and I think the Doc would have a plan. She has not got godly powers where one touch an we are cured. But I believe the Doc will come up with something. Get the chip off the shoulder and let her investigate. Smile and be positive and let's see what happens. Thinking of you and waiting for good news. Cheers.🙂❤

  5. Some of these patients really don't have a clue on how your body works. You don't go to the doctor get a simple fix and it'll be done when you're ready to go home. It can take months or years to figure out what someone has on their body especially if it's skin related.

  6. Something similar happened to my feet, at the same time I was suffering for rush in my back and had stomachache. I found out was suffering of celiac and allergic to wheat (gluten), The Dr. prescribe cream for eczema it’s really misdiagnosis from health providers. Until I stopped eating wheat products I got better.

  7. Looks very much like dyshydrosis, I have it. Incredibly uncomfortable and itchy. It’s a type of excema which means discovering the trigger can be just about impossible. Allergies, stress and food sensitivities are usually the main triggers, but figuring out what it is you’re allergic to is hard. I cycled out my products, like soaps and laundry products until I got a fairly good idea. I have found that lavender based lotions work wonders for the inflammation and itching 👍 but it’s still mostly a guessing game. Absolute empathy for this lovely woman.

  8. I have dyshydrosis, it's a horrible condition exacerbated by contact with water, irritants, or stress. And although it is frustrating, lashing out at the doctors won't cure it. There's no cure tbh. You can only manage it. I learned to manage it by myself because the doctors were of no help (not their fault since they still don't know what causes it, so the treatments are way too many), so I started doing what every person with dyshydrosis on the Internet suggested and kept what actually worked or alleviated my symptoms on my daily routine. Now I barely ever get blisters.

  9. I feel your pain, I had severe blisters on my feet hand and started spreading throughout my whole body I was itching so bad I had scabs everywhere. I went to a dermatologist and they told me to stop eating dairy and eggs and bread and stay away from citrus fruits and it all went away.

  10. Has this woman had her A1C checked? Lets be honest, she needs to lose a lot of weight, I’ll bet her diet is filled with too many bad things which can absolutely lead to foot issues. Look at diabetic’s feet….also fungus on the foot can be driven by excess sugar

  11. I have had this issue for since 2012 and contracted it from children in rural Alaska when I worked for Child Protective Services. I feel it is related to hands, foot, mouth disease; this is called Cocksakie Virus . I break out every 8 weeks, it’s cyclic..clear fluid filled blisters turn to pus , on both hands and feet. The virus is in the family of herpes type viruses and Ive been told there is no cure.

  12. Silly woman. Dr Lee ain't God. Some cases present themselves with pus and others water. You will have to have a biopsy to be able to get a definitive result. Then maybe not. But Dr Lee will have your best health in he plan. So just be a bit more patient and see what the results turn up. I saw hour leg was very dry and flaky at that area. In mean while get a good moisturing cream to put on the area. Believe me you are not the only one who wants to know what you have. There are hundreds of people waiting for an answer, not just you me and Doc Lee. Have a cup of tea and a bike and let wait for an answer. A big hug and lots of best wishes. 💋💋💋💋💋👍👍

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