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Large Cheeky Cyst pops over my head and splatters me. Large face cyst excision with 1 wk follow up.

Large cheeky cyst. This patient presented with a large cyst on the face. Increasing in size and starting to become tender. It was under quite a bit of pressure and when I squeezed it, it popped over my head hitting my glasses and my arms. Full excision with one week follow up for suture removal. Area healed great patient is doing very well and is very happy to have his “little friend” off of his face. I also tell a gross story from my first year of practicing medicine. Do not call me cyst mouth, haha😉. Juicy cyst pop. Cyst shoots over my head. Cyst excision and closure. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Face excision.

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